3.1.2 Grant MySQL Privileges to Backup Administrator

For most backup operations, the mysqlbackup command connects to the MySQL server through --user and --password options. This user requires certain privileges. You can either create a new user with a minimal set of privileges, or use an administrative account such as the root user.

The minimum privileges for the MySQL user that mysqlbackup connects are:

To set these privileges for a MySQL user (dba in this example) connecting from localhost, issue statements like the following from the mysql client program:

$ mysql -u root

mysql> GRANT RELOAD ON *.* TO 'dba'@'localhost';

mysql> GRANT CREATE, INSERT, DROP ON mysql.ibbackup_binlog_marker TO 'dba'@'localhost';

mysql> GRANT CREATE, INSERT, DROP ON mysql.backup_progress TO 'dba'@'localhost';

mysql> GRANT CREATE, INSERT, SELECT, DROP ON mysql.backup_history TO 'dba'@'localhost';

mysql> GRANT REPLICATION CLIENT ON *.* TO 'dba'@'localhost';

mysql> GRANT SUPER ON *.* TO 'dba'@'localhost';

mysql> GRANT CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES ON mysql.* TO 'dba'@'localhost';