Appendix B Compatibility Information for MySQL Enterprise Backup

Table of Contents

B.1 File Compatibility with Older MySQL or InnoDB Versions
B.2 Compatibility Notes for MySQL Versions
B.3 Compatibility of Backup Data with Other MySQL Enterprise Backup Versions
B.4 Expanded Use of Configuration Files
B.5 Relative and Absolute Paths
B.6 New and Changed Options in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6 and Higher
B.7 Comparison of MySQL Enterprise Backup and InnoDB Hot Backup
B.8 ibbackup and innobackup Commands
B.9 Cross-Platform Compatibility

This section describes information related to compatibility issues for MySQL Enterprise Backup releases, including useful information for users migrating from the innobackup and ibbackup commands available in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5 and the InnoDB Hot Backup products.


Starting in MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.7.1, the innobackup and ibbackup commands that are aliases of the mysqlbackup display warning messages when you use them.