B.2 File Compatibility with Older MySQL or InnoDB Versions

Each release of MySQL Enterprise Backup can restore backups produced by older MySQL Enterprise Backup releases.

From time to time, changes are made to the format of MySQL data and log files. These changes can make older MySQL Enterprise Backup versions incompatible with the new MySQL version.

Currently, these are the major MySQL/InnoDB versions: 3.23 (first released in May 12, 2001), 4.0 (December 23, 2001), 4.1 (April 3, 2003), 5.0 (December 24, 2003), 5.1 (November 29, 2005), 5.5 (December 15, 2010), and 5.6 (February 4, 2013).

Versions of MySQL Enterprise Backup from 3.5 to 3.9 are all compatible with MySQL/InnoDB version 5.1 and up.

Versions of MySQL Enterprise Backup from 3.5 to 3.7 are compatible with MySQL/InnoDB version 5.0 and up.

IMPORTANT: Backing up tables using the Barracuda file format, which is available with the combination of MySQL and the InnoDB Plugin, requires MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5 or newer.

For MySQL versions prior to 5.0, the corresponding backup product was the InnoDB Hot Backup product, which was the ancestor of MySQL Enterprise Backup.