Chapter 10 Frequently Asked Questions for MySQL Enterprise Backup

This section lists some common questions about MySQL Enterprise Backup, with answers and pointers to further information.


Questions and Answers

10.1: Does MySQL Enterprise Backup work with MySQL Server version x.y.z?

See Section B.2, “File Compatibility with Older MySQL or InnoDB Versions” for details of compatibility between different releases of MySQL Enterprise Backup and MySQL Server.

10.2: What is the big ibdata file that is in all the backups?

You might find your backup data taking more space than expected because of a large file with a name such as ibdata1. This file represents the InnoDB system tablespace, which grows but never shrinks, and is included in every full and incremental backup. To reduce the space taken up by this file in your backup data:

10.3: Can I back up non-InnoDB data with MySQL Enterprise Backup?

While MySQL Enterprise Backup can back up non-InnoDB data (like MYISAM tables), the MySQL server to be backed up must support InnoDB (i.e., the backup process will fail if the server was started up with the --innodb=OFF or --skip-innodb option), and the server must contain at least one InnoDB table.

10.4: What happens if apply step is interrupted?

If the mysqlbackup command is interrupted during the apply-log or apply-incremental-backup stage, the backup data is OK. The file operations performed by those options can be performed multiple times without harming the consistency of the backup data. Just run the same mysqlbackup command again, and when it completes successfully, all the necessary changes are present in the backup data.

10.5: Why is the option --defaults-file not recognized?

When you specify the --defaults-file option, it must be the first option after the name of the command. Otherwise, the error message makes it look as if the option name is not recognized.

10.6: Can I back up a database on one OS platform and restore it on another one using MySQL Enterprise Backup?

See Section B.1, “Cross-Platform Compatibility” for details.

10.7: Can MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 be upgraded to 3.9.0 using MySQL server's installers on Windows platforms?

On Windows platforms, if MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 is already installed and an installer of the MySQL server that also installs MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9.0 is run, the MySQL installer will not provide an option to upgrade MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.2 to 3.9.0, since they are considered as separate products; the installer will install MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9.0 and leave 3.8.2 unchanged.