Chapter 6 Using MySQL Enterprise Backup with Replication

Table of Contents

6.1 Setting Up a New Replication Slave
6.2 Restoring a Master Database in Replication

Backup and restore operations are especially important in systems that use MySQL replication to synchronize data across a master server and a set of slave servers. In a replication configuration, MySQL Enterprise Backup helps you to deal with entire system images to set up new slave servers, or to restore a master server in an efficient way that avoids unnecessary work for the slave servers. Having multiple slave servers to choose from gives you more flexibility about where to perform backups. When the binary log is enabled, you have more flexibility about restoring to a point in time, even a time that is later than the last backup.

GTID support with MySQL Server 5.6 and above

MySQL Enterprise Backup supports the GTID feature of MySQL 5.6: