Part III Appendixes

Table of Contents

A MySQL Enterprise Backup Limitations
A.1 Limitations of MySQL Enterprise Backup
A.2 Limitations Related to Installation
B Compatibility Information for MySQL Enterprise Backup
B.1 Cross-Platform Compatibility
B.2 File Compatibility with Older MySQL or InnoDB Versions
B.3 Compatibility Notes for MySQL Versions
B.4 Compatibility of Backup Data with Other MySQL Enterprise Backup Versions
C Extended Examples
C.1 Sample Directory Structure for Full Backup
C.2 Sample Directory Structure for Compressed Backup
C.3 Sample Directory Structure for Incremental Backup
C.4 Validating a Single-File Backup Image
D MySQL Enterprise Backup Release Notes
E Licenses for Third-Party Components
E.1 RegEX-Spencer Library License
E.2 zlib License
E.3 Percona Multiple I/O Threads Patch License
E.4 Google SMP Patch License
E.5 Google Controlling Master Thread I/O Rate Patch License
E.6 RFC 3174 - US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) License