B.3 Compatibility Notes for MySQL Versions

This section lists any performance-related features and settings in MySQL Server versions that affect various aspects of the backup process.

MySQL 5.6

Some new MySQL 5.6 features introduce changes in directory layout and file contents for InnoDB tables. Backing up servers that use these features requires MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8.1 or higher:

The group commit feature in MySQL 5.6 reduces the frequency of flush operations for the InnoDB redo log, relying more on the binary log to ensure consistency. Because MySQL Enterprise Backup does not back up or replay transactions from the binary log, the data from InnoDB tables might correspond to a time during the backup, before the FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK phase, while the data from non-InnoDB tables corresponds to the time when the FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK phase starts.

See MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9 Release Notes for details on the fixes and enhancements related to these MySQL 5.6 features.