3.3.4 Making a Partial Backup Backing Up Some or All InnoDB Tables Omitting Unknown Files Backing Up Non-InnoDB Tables from Selected Databases

By default, all the files in the data directory are included in the backup, so the backup includes data from all MySQL storage engines, any third-party storage engines, and even any non-database files in that directory. This section explains options you can use to selectively back up or exclude data.

MySQL Enterprise Backup can make several kinds of partial backup:

For syntax details on all these options, see Section 4.1.9, “Partial Backup Options”.


Typically, a partial backup is more difficult to restore than a full backup, because the backup data might not include the necessary interrelated pieces to constitute a complete MySQL instance. In particular, InnoDB tables have internal IDs and other data values that can only be restored to the same instance, not a different MySQL server. Always fully test the recovery procedure for any partial backups to understand the relevant procedures and restrictions.