MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes

4.3 Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.2 (Not released, Internal, Release Candidate)

Bugs Fixed

  • Could not open the ASP.NET Web Configuration tool in the Solution Explorer when using MySQL for Visual Studio 1.0.2 and Connector/NET 6.7.5. (Bug #17898244, Bug #69808)

  • When opening or creating a .mysql file, trying to invoke Intellisense caused an error in some cases. (Bug #17890216)

  • Debugger failed to debug a routine correctly when it had two functions in a single expression. That was due to an error in handling the scope of the second function, which has been fixed. (Bug #17865915)

  • Installation on Windows Server 2008 failed. (Bug #17698406, Bug #70590)