MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes

3.6 Changes in MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.4 (2015-07-28, General Availability)

This is a maintenance release that fixes bugs and adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

Known limitations:

MySQL for Visual Studio project templates are designed to work with MVC 4, but Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is the first VS version that ships with MVC 5. As a workaround for this release, you must install MVC 4 to get the project templates working with VS 2015. If MVC 4 is not installed, then the MySQL template menus and toolbars will be disabled.

If MySQL for Visual Studio 1.2.4 is installed before MVC 4, then you must uninstall and then reinstall the 1.2.4 plugin. Executing a "Change" or "Repair" will not work.

The Launch Workbench and Launch MySQL Utilities toolbar buttons are disabled in this release.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 support. (Bug #21438524, Bug #77708)

  • Removed Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 support.