Installing, Updating or Upgrading Advisors After Initial Login

The Advisors interpret the data sent by the Monitor Agents and display the results in the dashboard. A full set of Advisors is preinstalled with the Service Manager. You can download any new or updated Advisors from the My Oracle Support site.

If you did not install the Advisors when you first logged in to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface, open the dashboard, find the Advisors tab, and choose the Check for Updates link. Doing this downloads the latest version of the Advisors from an Oracle web site.

If you do not allow Internet access from the dashboard, install the Advisors from a local file. You need an advisor file named AdvisorScript-version.jar. If you do not already have this file, download it from the My Oracle Support site. Download the Advisors file to a location that is accessible from the dashboard. Use the Browse button to find the Advisors file and then choose import to load the advisors.