C.2.2 MySQL Server (agent-instance.ini) Configuration

This section provides reference information about the agent-instance.ini configuration file, supplementing the usage information in Section 5.3, “Monitor Agent Installation”.

For each MySQL server that you want to monitor, create an agent-instance.ini file in the directory specified by the mysqld-instance-dir configuration parameter inside the main mysql-monitor-agent.ini file. This file contains the host name and user credentials for connecting to the MySQL server to monitor. The format of the file is as follows:

# To use this .ini file as a template for configuring additional
# instances to monitor, do not simply copy and re-start the agent
# without first modifying the parameters below to match the login
# credentials for the new instance.
# Refer to the documentation for more detailed information and
# instructions.

user     = agent
password = somepass
hostname =
port     = 3306

discovery-username = agentdiscovery
discovery-password = password

The individual configuration parameters can be defined as follows, as either a [replication] or [mysqld] option.



Replication topology discovery for an instance is determined by the agent using the master.info file for the instance, extracting the username/password to connect to the master, and then retrieving the MySQL Enterprise Monitor generated UUID of the replication master. The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent can then match the slave and master in the replication topology.