Changing the Server That an Agent Monitors

You need not reinstall the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent in order to change the MySQL server that it monitors. It is possible to adapt an existing agent so that it monitors a different server.

To do this you must stop the monitor agent and then remove the server that it is monitoring. To stop the agent see:

For instructions on removing a server see, Section, “Removing a Server From the Dashboard”.

Once the agent is stopped and the server is removed from the Dashboard, you can change the mysql-monitor-agent.ini, or the agent-instance.ini file within the agent instances instances directory. To find this directory, examine the content of the mysql-monitor-agent.ini and check the value of the mysqld-instance-dir parameter.

To make changes to the monitored MySQL server, edit the agent-instance.ini file. Change the user, password, hostname, and port values if required. For more information, see Section C.2.2, “MySQL Server (agent-instance.ini) Configuration”.

To change other settings, such as enabling proxy support (required for Query Analyzer), the management host, or the port number used by the agent, modify the mysql-monitor-agent.ini file. For more information, see Section C.2.1, “MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Configurable Options”.

To restart the agent, see:


When adapting an existing agent to monitor a remote server, make sure that the agent has the credentials for remote access and that the port on the remote MySQL server instance is open. For more information, see Section 5.3.6, “Configuring an Agent to Monitor a Remote MySQL Server”.

If you have trouble starting the agent, check Section 5.3.9, “Troubleshooting the Agent”.

Log in to the Dashboard and find your new server in the All Servers group.