C.2.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Configurable Options

The mysql-monitor-agent.ini file contains the base configuration information for the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent. The file sets the core information about the supported functionality for the entire agent. Its format is shown in the following example:

# WARNING - The UUID defined below must be unique for each agent.
# To use this INI file as a template for configuring additional
# agents, do not simply copy and start a new agent without first
# modifying the UUID and adjusting other parameters as necessary.
# WARNING - If you are upgrading from a previous 1.x release, please
# note that we have changed the contents of the agent INI file and
# split the contents across two files:
#   <installdir>/etc/mysql-monitor-agent.ini              - this file
#   <installdir>/etc/instances/mysql/agent-instance.ini   - new file
# Refer to the documentation for more detailed information and
# instructions.
# Version:


# Common Parameters
plugins    = proxy,agent,aggr
keepalive = true

log-file = mysql-monitor-agent.log
pid-file = /opt/mysql/enterprise/agent/mysql-monitor-agent.pid

# Agent Parameters
agent-mgmt-hostname = http://localhost:18080/heartbeat
agent-mgmt-username = agent
agent-mgmt-password = foo
agent-item-files    = share/mysql-monitor-agent/items/quan.lua, share/mysql-monitor-agent/items/items-mysql-monitor.xml, share/mysql-monitor-agent/items/items-mysql-cluster.xml, share/mysql-monitor-agent/items/custom.xml
agent-uuid          = 68b4892c-1310-4f07-8924-3a8b3c0e850b
mysqld-instance-dir = etc/instances

# Aggregator Parameters
aggr-address     = :14000
aggr-lua-script  = lib/mysql-aggregator/lua/aggr.lua
aggr-mem-baseurl = http://localhost:18080/v2/rest

# Proxy Parameters
proxy-address           = :6446
proxy-backend-addresses =
proxy-lua-script        = lib/mysql-monitor-agent/lua/quan.lua

Do not copy the agent configuration information from one machine to another without changing the agent-uuid. Each agent instance must have a unique agent id.

The main configuration information must be located within the [mysql-proxy] section of the configuration file. The main configurable parameters within this file are:

File names in configuration files

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor configuration files use the glib file parser to parse settings that define file names. This means that leading and trailing whitespace is stripped. The following escape characters are allowed: \r, \n, \t, \s, \\, and \.

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent supports the following configurable options:

Table C.6 mysql-monitor-agent Help Options

--help-adminShow options for the admin-module
--help-agentShow agent options
--help-allShow all help options
--help-monitorShow monitor options
--help-proxyShow options for the proxy-module

Table C.7 mysql-monitor-agent Admin Options

--admin-addressDefines the listening address and port for the admin module
--admin-lua-scriptScript to execute by the admin module
--admin-passwordPassword for authentication for admin module
--admin-usernameUsername for authentication for admin module
--proxy-addressListening address:port of the proxy server

Table C.8 mysql-monitor-agent Agent Options

--agent-backlog-timeoutMaximum time in seconds that the agent keeps data when it cannot communicate with the Service Manager 
--agent-collector-pluginsLoad the specified collector plugins 
--agent-connect-timeoutThe timeout for the agent to connect to the MySQL server 
--agent-DNS-cachetimeoutThe timeout for cache operations 
--agent-force-uncorkingForcibly turn off corking (randomization of data collection intervals) 
--agent-generate-uuidGenerate a UUID for use with the agent-uuid 
--agent-heartbeat-intervalThe interval for generating heartbeat operations 
--agent-host-idThe host ID for the agent 
--agent-host-id-commandlineThe command to use to generate the agent host id 
--agent-hostnameHostname of the agent host 
--agent-IP-versionIP version (4 or 6) to force 
--agent-item-filesList of data items for additional collections 
--agent-master-uuid-discoveryDisable the use of the master_uuid for topology discovery 
--agent-max-response-sizeMaximum response size for agent data 
--agent-mgmt-hostnameURL of the management server 
--agent-mgmt-passwordPassword for the management server 
--agent-mgmt-usernameUser name with the management server 
--agent-net-timeoutThe timeout for the agent for established connections to the MySQL server 
--agent-report-network-fsEnable data collection for networked file systems 
--agent-report-offsetSet the second after the minute when the data is sent to the server 
--agent-run-os-testsRun the operating system tests and shutdown 
--agent-ssh-keygen-attemptsNumber of attempts that the agent should retry, for a failed ssh-keygen2.3.10
--agent-ssh-keygen-retryTime interval (in seconds) between attempts for a failed ssh-keygen attempt2.3.10
--agent-sync-attemptsSynchronize the attempts to connect at resync 
--agent-track-allocEnable the tracking of the allocation sizes 
--agent-uuidUUID of this agent 
--mysqld-instance-dirLocation of the MySQL instance configuration (mysql.cnf/mysql.ini) files 

Table C.9 mysql-monitor-agent Monitor Options

--monitor-intervalInterval for executing queries against the backend
--monitor-lua-scriptScript filename for the monitor
--monitor-passwordSet the password for the monitored MySQL Server
--monitor-usernameSet the username for the monitored MySQL Server

Table C.10 mysql-monitor-agent Proxy Options

--no-proxyDon't start the proxy module 
--proxy-backend-addressesAddress:port of the remote MySQL server 
--proxy-connect-timeoutDefines the default timeout, for proxy connection operations2.3.10
--proxy-fix-bug-25371Enable the fix for Bug #25371 (for mysqld > for older libmysql versions 
--proxy-lua-scriptFilename for Lua script for proxy operations 
--proxy-pool-no-change-userDon't use the protocol CHANGE_USER to reset the connection when coming from the connection pool 
--proxy-read-only-backend-addressesAddress:port of the remote MySQL server (read-only) 
--proxy-read-timeoutDefines the default timeout, for proxy read operations2.3.10
--proxy-skip-profilingDisabled profiling of queries 
--proxy-write-timeoutDefines the default timeout, for proxy write operations2.3.10

Table C.11 mysql-monitor-agent Aggregator Options

--aggr-addressListening address:port combination2.3.0
--aggr-flush-intervalThe interval in seconds between flushes of query data to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager2.3.0
--aggr-lua-scriptPath to the Lua script2.3.0
--aggr-max-request-body-sizeLimits the maximum size of requests sent to the Aggregator, to avoid potential out-of-memory errors2.3.8
--aggr-mem-baseurlBase URL of the server2.3.0
--aggr-ssl-addressListening port:address combination for SSL connections2.3.0
--aggr-ssl-ca-fileCA certificate file2.3.0
--aggr-ssl-cert-fileServer certificate (PEM)2.3.0
--aggr-ssl-ciphersSupported ciphers for SSL2.3.0
--aggr-test-modeStart the aggregator in test mode2.3.0

Table C.12 mysql-monitor-agent Application Options

--basedirSpecify the base directory to prepend to paths in the config
--daemonStart in daemon-mode
--defaults-fileSpecify the configuration file
--keepaliveTry to restart the proxy if a crash occurs
--log-backtrace-on-crashTry to invoke the debug and generate a backtrace on crash
--log-fileSpecify the file for logging error messages
--log-levelLogging level
--log-use-syslogLog errors to syslog (UNIX/Linux only).
--lua-cpathSet the LUA_CPATH
--lua-pathSet the LUA_PATH
--max-open-filesSpecify the maximum number of open files to support
--pid-filePID file to store the process ID (when in daemon mode)
--plugin-dirPath to the plugin files
--pluginsList of plugins to load
--userSpecify the user to use when running mysql-monitor-agent
--verbose-shutdownReport shutdown in the logs regardless of log level
--versionShow the version information