C.2 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Reference

C.2.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Configurable Options
C.2.2 MySQL Server (agent-instance.ini) Configuration
C.2.3 Agent Log and pid Files

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent provides all of the information from a monitored MySQL server to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent can provide MySQL Enterprise Agent Proxy Service functionality for relaying query analyzer data.

The MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent is configured through files located within the etc subdirectory under the agent installation directory.

Configuration is stored in multiple files, according to a predetermined file and directory layout. The primary configuration file contains specific information about the agent and how the agent communicates with MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. The main configuration is located within the mysql-monitor-agent.ini file.

Additional configuration files contain information about the MySQL server that is being monitored. You can configure which directory is used for storing this information within the mysql-monitor-agent.ini file. The default location is the etc/instances subdirectory within the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent directory.

The server you want to monitor should have a directory within the specified location, optionally using the name of the server you are monitoring, and within that directory, an agent-instance.ini file. This file contains the configuration information for connecting to the MySQL server, including the host name, port, user credentials and display name.

You can see an example of the file layout of the etc directory:


For more information on the configuration of the mysql-monitor-agent.ini file, see Section C.2.1, “MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Configurable Options”. For details on the content of the individual MySQL instance configuration files, see Section C.2.2, “MySQL Server (agent-instance.ini) Configuration”.