Initial Dashboard Log-In

If this is the first time logging in to the dashboard, you see a screen similar to the following:

Figure 5.3 MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Initial Dashboard Log-In

MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Initial dashboard log-in

Use this screen to perform the following tasks:

To import the Advisors file, click the Browse button and locate it. The advisor file is named, AdvisorScript-version.jar. If you do not allow Internet access from the dashboard, you must install the advisors in this way. Although we strongly recommend that you install the Advisors at this point, you can also do so later. For instructions on doing this, see Section, “Installing, Updating or Upgrading Advisors After Initial Login”.

In the Create Manager User section of this screen, enter credentials for the dashboard administrator. This creates the Manager user described in Section 5.1.3, “Users Created on First Log-in”. Record the user name and password, as these credentials are required for any future login.

In the Create Agent User section of this screen, enter the credentials for the agent. This is the user described in Section 5.1.3, “Users Created on First Log-in”. The agent must log in to report its findings. Record the agent's credentials; this information is required when installing the agent.

After specifying all settings, click the complete setup button. When you log in, a message reports how many graphs and advisors were imported.