Enabling Query Analyzer by Changing MySQL Server

When enabling Query Analyzer by changing the MySQL Server, shut down your server, edit the MySQL configuration file, and then restart MySQL. Also, change your Agent configuration so that the proxy listens on the original MySQL TCP/IP port. To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the /etc/my.cnf or other MySQL configuration file and change or add the port setting from its current value (default 3306), to another value. For example:

    port = 3307
  2. Shut down your MySQL Server.

  3. Start your MySQL Server and confirm that is running.

  4. Edit your MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent configuration so that the proxy listens for connections on the original MySQL port:

    proxy-backend-addresses =
  5. Stop and restart MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent.

You can now connect to your MySQL server through the MySQL Enterprise Agent Proxy Service by connecting on the original port:

shell> mysql --host=