5.2.6 MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Configuration Settings and Advisor Installation Initial Dashboard Log-In Setting the Timezone and Locale Installing, Updating or Upgrading Advisors After Initial Login

The Enterprise Dashboard is the web-based interface to the Service Manager. The procedure for starting the dashboard is identical for all platforms. From the dashboard, you can configure the settings necessary for receiving updates from MySQL Enterprise.

If you installed the Service Manager using a graphical interface, you have the option of launching the dashboard on the final installation screen (as long as the Launch MySQL Enterprise Monitor Now checkbox is checked).

Otherwise, you can view the dashboard by typing http://localhost:18080/Auth.action into the address bar of your web browser. To see the host name and port to use, check the configuration_report.txt file.

Under Windows, you can also open the dashboard by choosing the MySQL menu item and finding the MySQL Enterprise Monitor entry. Under this entry, choose Start Service Manager.