5.2.1 Service Manager Installation Common Parameters

All installations of the Service Manager install the Tomcat and MySQL applications using the same basic set of parameters. Although the defaults provided by the installation process are designed not to interfere with existing installations of either product, check these parameters before installation to ensure that you do not experience any problems.

A value must be assigned to all settings that are defined in the configuration file. This is different than passing these settings into the command-line, which may default to true when not passing in a value. Glib is used for option handling, and specifically g_key_file_get_boolean() to parse boolean values. This means that false and 0 represent boolean false, whereas true and 1 represent boolean true. For example:

Passing a value to config.properties may look like this:


Or to the command-line, like either of these:

    $ ./mysqlmonitor-installer.bin --log-use-syslog
    $ ./mysqlmonitor-installer.bin --log-use-syslog 1

The common parameters are divided into those applying to the location of the MySQL server, the Tomcat server, and the connection properties for the MySQL server (Repository Configuration):

The information that you configure during installation is recorded within the configuration_report.txt file within the installation directory for the Service Manager, with any passwords obscured. (Thus, be sure to record all passwords that you specify during the installation process.)