5.1 Credentials Needed for Installation

5.1.1 Existing Users
5.1.2 Users Created During Installation
5.1.3 Users Created on First Log-in

Before installing the MySQL Enterprise Monitor components, gather credentials (root user IDs and passwords) for all the MySQL servers you plan to monitor. The Agent installation requires a dedicated user ID in each monitored MySQL server; the installation can create this user for you, or you can create it yourself in advance, but either way requires a root login to the MySQL instance.


With MySQL 5.5.16 and higher, you can configure these user IDs to authenticate using the PAM Authentication plugin. Currently, MySQL Enterprise Monitor does not support authentication through the Windows Native Authentication plugin. See MySQL Enterprise Monitor 2.3 Release Notes for details of the MySQL Enterprise Monitor configurations that are and are not supported under the various authentication plugins.

Optionally, gather credentials for your My Oracle Support account, which you can specify in the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface configuration step immediately after everything is installed and started.

The following sections outline the users associated with the MySQL Enterprise Monitor.