21.6 Filesystem Free Space Advisor

Monitors and graphs the filesystem disk space usage.

Default auto-close enabled yes


Figure 21.6 Filesystem - General

Filesystem General

The General section enables you to choose the filesystem to monitor. The following types are available:

  • Local Disk: enables monitoring of the local hard disks.

  • Network Mount: enables monitoring of mounted network filesystems on the monitored server.

  • RAM Disk: enables monitoring of RAM disks configured on the server.

  • CDROM: enables monitoring of CD-ROM drives on the server

  • Swap: enables monitoring of the system's swap file.

Select the filesystem types, as required, from the drop-down list.

To remove a filesystem type, click the x on the filesystem label.

Estimated Full Capacity

Figure 21.7 Filesystem - Estimated Full Capacity

Filesystem Estimated Full Capacity

The Estimated Full Capacity section monitors and graphs the time remaining to full capacity based on existing load.

  • Extrapolate Free Space to Zero in Graphs: enables graphing of the projected time to full capacity, based on existing load.

  • Free Space Running Out Thresholds: generate events based on when the free space is projected to run out.

Percentage of Space

Figure 21.8 Filesystem - Percentage of Space

Filesystem Percentage of Space

The Percentage of Space section generates events based on the percentage of free space available, relative to the total space on the monitored device.

Percentage Used in Time Range

Figure 21.9 Filesystem - Percentage Used in Time Range

Filesystem Percentage Used in Time Range

Monitors the percentage of disk space consumed per unit of time.