Chapter 22 Customizing MySQL Enterprise Monitor

Table of Contents

22.1 Customizing Groups
22.2 Creating Advisors and Rules
22.2.1 Creating Advisors
22.2.2 Overview of Graph Creation
22.2.3 Overview of Advisor Creation
22.2.4 Variables
22.2.5 Thresholds
22.2.6 Using Strings
22.2.7 Wiki Format
22.2.8 Creating a New Advisor: An Example
22.2.9 Creating a New Graph: An Example
22.3 Custom Data Collection
22.3.1 Custom.xml
22.3.2 Queries
22.3.3 Data Collection Attributes
22.4 Event Notification Blackout Periods
22.4.1 Scripting Blackouts

You can customize your MySQL Enterprise Monitor rules, advisors, and graphs, based on your organization's business rules, best practices, and the types of issues you can anticipate.