Part II Installing MySQL Enterprise Monitor

Table of Contents

3 Installation Prerequisites
3.1 Installer Files
3.2 Prerequisites
3.2.1 System Requirements
3.2.2 Supported Platforms
3.2.3 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Repository
3.3 Credentials Needed for Installation
3.3.1 Existing Users
3.3.2 Users Created During Installation
3.3.3 Users Created on First Log-in
4 Service Manager Installation
4.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Installation Types
4.2 MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Graphical Installation Wizard
4.3 Text-Based Installation
4.4 Starting/Stopping the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Services
4.5 MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Configuration Settings
4.5.1 Initial Monitor UI Log-In
4.5.2 Setting the Timezone and Locale
5 Monitor Agent Installation
5.1 General Agent Related Notes
5.2 Creating MySQL User Accounts for the Monitor Agent
5.3 Java Considerations on Linux
5.4 Installing the Monitor Agent on Unix and Linux
5.5 Installing the Agent on Microsoft Windows
5.6 Installing the Agent on Mac OS X
5.7 Starting/Stopping the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent
5.7.1 Starting/Stopping the Agent on Windows
5.7.2 Starting/Stopping the Agent on Mac OS X
5.7.3 Starting/Stopping the Agent on Unix
5.7.4 sql_mode
5.8 Monitoring Multiple MySQL Servers
5.9 Configuring an Agent to Monitor a Remote MySQL Server
5.10 Monitoring Outside the Firewall with an SSH Tunnel
5.11 HTTP Connection Timeout
5.12 Troubleshooting the Agent
5.13 Agent Backlog
6 Post-installation Considerations
6.1 General Considerations
6.2 Installing SSL Certificates
6.3 Changing an SSH Host Key
7 Upgrading, Re-Installing or Changing Your Installation
7.1 General considerations when upgrading MySQL Enterprise Monitor
7.2 Restoring from Backup
7.3 Guide for Upgrading to MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.0
7.4 Upgrading an Existing 3.0.x Installation
8 Unattended Installation Reference
8.1 Unattended Installation
8.1.1 Performing an Unattended Installation
8.1.2 MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Options
8.1.3 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent Options
9 Performance Tuning MySQL Enterprise Monitor
9.1 Tuning Memory
9.2 Tuning CPU
9.3 Tuning Apache Tomcat Threads
9.4 Tuning Agent Memory Requirements
10 Uninstalling the MySQL Enterprise Monitor
10.1 Removing the MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Windows
10.2 Removing the MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Unix
10.3 Removing the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Mac OS X
10.4 Unattended Uninstallations
11 Proxy and Aggregator Installation
11.1 Proxy Aggregator Architecture
11.2 Prerequisites
11.3 Installing the Proxy and Aggregator
11.4 Graphical Installation Wizard
11.5 Text-Based Installation
11.6 Unattended Installation
11.7 Starting and Stopping the Proxy and Aggregator
11.8 Configuration Options
12 Configuring Connectors
12.1 Using the MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/PHP
12.2 Using the MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/J
12.3 Using the MySQL Enterprise Plugin for Connector/Net