13.2 The Query Analyzer

The MySQL Query Analyzer enables you to monitor the statements being executed on a monitored server and retrieve information about the query, number of executions and the execution times of each query. Queries are normalized, removing unique data such as literal values, so that the generic queries can be counted and identified more easily.

Query Analyzer works by collecting information about SQL statements that your MySQL client application sends to the MySQL server. The built-in PS feature with MySQL Server 5.6 and greater is preferred and simplest to set up, but other options include the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent proxy service, or by using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Plugin for a given Connector that sends the information directly to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

For more information about using the Query Analyzer, including how to provide queries to MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, how to use the user interface, and how to drill down to find the queries and information that you need, see Chapter 23, Using the Query Analyzer. For the meaning of each field on the Query Analyzer tab, see Section 23.3, “Query Analyzer User Interface”.