8.1.2 MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Options

The following options let you customize the installation process for MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager supports using a bundled MySQL server, or a separate MySQL server provided by the user. To use your own MySQL server, the server must be installed and running before installation. For more information, see Section 3.2.3, “MySQL Enterprise Monitor Repository”.

Table 8.1 MySQL Enterprise Service Manager Installer Options

--adminpasswordPassword for the database repository 
--adminuserUsername for the database repository 
--backupdirBackup directory path. 
--createDataBackupBackup stored data. Upgrade process only. 
--dbhostHostname or IP address of the MySQL server 
--dbnameName of the repository database. 
--dbportTCP/IP port for the MySQL server 
--debuglevelSet the debug information level 
--debugtraceFile for a debug trace of the installation 
--forceRestartUpgrade only. Restarts the services after the upgrade process completes. 
--helpDisplay the list of valid options 
--installdirInstallation directory 
--installer-languageLanguage selection 
--modeInstallation mode 
--mysql_installation_typeMySQL server to be used by the MySQL Enterprise Monitor 
--mysql_sslUse SSL when connecting to the database 
--optionfileInstallation option file 
--system_sizeDefines Tomcat and MySQL repository configuration based on installation size. 
--tomcatportServer port for the Tomcat component 
--tomcatshutdownportShutdown TCP/IP port for the Tomcat component3.0.3
--tomcatsslportSSL TCP/IP port for the Tomcat component 
--unattendedmodeuiUnattended mode user interface 
--versionDisplay the product information