3.2.2 Supported Platforms

The supported platforms for MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent are listed at the following locations:

For platform support updates, see MySQL Product Support Announcements.

General Platform Recommendations

The following are recommended:

  • Ensure that your Service Manager and Agent hosts are synchronized to the same time server. It is important that all times are properly synchronized.

  • Ensure that your Service Manager and Agent hosts use different SSH host keys before installing.

MySQL Requirements

This section describes the MySQL Server requirements for MySQL Enterprise Monitor installation.

  • The MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation includes the latest version of MySQL Server. If you intend to use a MySQL repository other than the one bundled in the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation, it is recommended that you use the latest MySQL 5.6.x version.

  • If you have previously configured a default login path on the same machine on which you are installing MySQL Enterprise Service Manager with the bundled repository, you must delete the cnf in which the default login details are defined before installing. If a default login path is defined, the installation fails to complete. It is recommended to install MySQL Enterprise Service Manager on a dedicated server.

  • The Monitoring Agent can monitor any version of MySQL Server from version 5.0 onwards. See Section 5.2, “Creating MySQL User Accounts for the Monitor Agent” for more information on monitoring older versions.


    It is not possible to monitor pre-GA versions of MySQL 5.7. That is, MySQL versions 5.7.0 to 5.7.5 are not supported. MySQL Enterprise Monitor supports monitoring of MySQL 5.7.6 onwards.

  • The monitoring Agent always uses PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_STATUS on MySQL 5.7 versions, and supports both modes of show_compatibility_56 from MySQL 5.7.9 onwards.


    To monitor versions of MySQL 5.7.8, show_compatibility_56 must be set to OFF.