MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.3.9 Manual

11.1 Prerequisites

This section describes the installation prerequisites.

Proxy and Aggregator Users

It is not recommended to install the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Proxy and Aggregator as root. It is recommended to create a user specifically for the Proxy and Aggregator and install the products as that user, usually the mysql user. The same is true for the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Aggregator installation.

For MySQL 5.5 and earlier, the MySQL client-application user must have SELECT privileges on the mysql.inventory table. This table contains the server UUID which is required to report the Query Analyzer data to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. Use the GRANT statement. For example:

mysql> GRANT SELECT on mysql.inventory to 'user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

This privilege is not required for MySQL 5.6 or higher, as the mysql.inventory table is not created.

Performance Schema

If you are using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Proxy and Aggregator to collect query performance data, you must ensure the statements_digest consumer in performance_schema.setup_consumers is disabled.