MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.3 Release Notes

10 Changes in MySQL Enterprise Monitor 3.3.1 (2016-10-10)

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new Monitoring and Support Services advisor, Duplicate Host Identity, is added. This advisor generates events if duplicate host identities are discovered on the monitored network. This can be caused by duplicated SSH keys or Windows SIDs. (Bug #24620458)

  • An Agent Memory Usage Details graph was added in this release. On the All Timeseries Graphs page, select an agent to display this graph.

  • The OpenSSL libraries used by the MySQL Enterprise Monitor installers and MySQL Enterprise Monitor Aggregator have been upgraded to 1.0.1u.

  • The MySQL database, bundled with the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, has been upgraded to MySQL 5.7.16.

Bugs Fixed

  • The Processes report did not properly report data from MySQL 5.7 instances. (Bug #24642042)

  • The Event Handler Asset column did not display any assets for the eleventh handler created. That is, the Asset column correctly displayed assets for the first 10 event handlers, but did not for any other event handler. (Bug #23543149)

  • Under certain circumstances, when monitoring MySQL 5.7, warnings were generated in Query Analyzer due to a conflict between the default mysql_mode and the mysql_mode set by MySQL Enterprise Monitor. (Bug #23033046)

  • The Group Settings tab was displayed on the Add MySQL Instance dialog, but was inaccessible.

    This issue occurred in Chrome, only.

  • Under certain circumstances, if a system filter was selected, it was displayed with a -clone* suffix.

  • Export as PNG button on graphs did not work as expected.