MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.22 Manual

1.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Component Overview

The architecture of a typical MySQL Enterprise Monitor installation is shown in the following figure:

Figure 1.1 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Architecture

Architecture of a typical Service Manager and agent installation. The agent monitors the database and transmits monitoring data to the Service Manager. The data is presented to the user via the user interface.

MySQL Enterprise Monitor has the following components:

It is also possible to perform what is called an Agent-less installation, where the Agent is not installed on the host machines, and all monitoring is done by MySQL Enterprise Service Manager's built-in Agent.

Figure 1.2 MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agentless Architecture

Agent-less installation architecture.


For performance reasons, the agent-less installation is not recommended for monitoring large implementations. It is useful for testing, or very small-scale implementations. It is strongly recommended to install an agent on each host.