MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.22 Manual

14.4 Data Purge Behavior

Data Purge Behavior enables you to automatically remove old data from the repository according to a schedule. The default purge interval is 4 weeks. To purge data, change this setting by choosing from the drop-down list. Choosing 12 months, for example, removes all data that is older than a year

Figure 14.3 Data Purge Behavior

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Purging data permanently removes information from the repository. Events derived from that data are purged with the data.


The purge functionality purges closed events and related data, only.

The purge process is started approximately once every day, or when the MySQL Enterprise Monitor User Interface is restarted. If you change the purge duration from a large timespan to a smaller one, the data is purged in increments of one hour, from oldest to newest, until the new data retention policy is met. This is done to reduce the load on the repository.

You can configure the data purge behavior in the following ways:

Notes for setting purge behavior: