MySQL Shell 8.0

7.8.4 Rescanning a Cluster

If you make configuration changes to a cluster outside of the AdminAPI commands, for example by changing an instance's configuration manually to resolve configuration issues or after the loss of an instance, you need to update the InnoDB Cluster metadata so that it matches the current configuration of instances. In these cases, use the Cluster.rescan() operation, which enables you to update the InnoDB Cluster metadata either manually or using an interactive wizard. The Cluster.rescan() operation can detect new active instances that are not registered in the metadata and add them, or obsolete instances (no longer active) still registered in the metadata, and remove them. You can automatically update the metadata depending on the instances found by the command, or you can specify a list of instance addresses to either add to the metadata or remove from the metadata. You can also update the topology mode stored in the metadata, for example after changing from single-primary mode to multi-primary mode outside of AdminAPI.

The syntax of the command is Cluster.rescan([options]). The options dictionary supports the following: