Chapter 8 MySQL Fabric

Table of Contents

8.1 Introduction to Fabric
8.1.1 Fabric Prerequisites
8.1.2 Fabric Concepts
8.2 Installing and Configuring MySQL Fabric
8.2.1 Downloading MySQL Fabric
8.2.2 Installing MySQL Fabric
8.2.3 Configuring MySQL Fabric
8.2.4 Starting and Stopping MySQL Fabric Nodes
8.3 Quick Start
8.3.1 Example: Fabric and Replication
8.3.2 Example: Fabric and Sharding
8.4 The mysqlfabric Utility
8.4.1 Getting Help
8.4.2 Group Commands
8.4.3 Manage Commands
8.4.4 Server Commands
8.4.5 Sharding Commands
8.4.6 Event Commands
8.4.7 Dump Commands
8.5 Backing Store
8.5.1 Backing Store Tables
8.5.2 Protecting the Backing Store
8.6 Configuring MySQL Fabric
8.6.1 MySQL Fabric configuration file location
8.6.2 Section DEFAULT
8.6.3 Section storage
8.6.4 Section servers
8.6.5 Section protocol.xmlrpc
8.6.6 Section executor
8.6.7 Section logging
8.6.8 Section sharding
8.6.9 Section statistics
8.6.10 Section failure_tracking
8.6.11 Section connector
8.6.12 Section client
8.7 MySQL Fabric Frequently Asked Questions
8.8 Using Connector/Python with MySQL Fabric
8.8.1 Installing Connector/Python with MySQL Fabric Support
8.8.2 Requesting a Fabric Connection
8.8.3 Providing Information to Choose a MySQL Server
8.9 Using Connector/J with MySQL Fabric
8.9.1 Installing Connector/J with MySQL Fabric Support
8.9.2 Loading the Driver and Requesting a Fabric Connection
8.9.3 Providing Information to Choose a MySQL Server
8.9.4 MySQL Fabric Configuration for Running Samples
8.9.5 Running Tests
8.9.6 Running Demonstration Programs
8.9.7 A Complete Example: Working with Employee Data
8.9.8 How Connector/J Chooses a MySQL Server
8.9.9 Using Hibernate with MySQL Fabric
8.9.10 Connector/J Fabric Support Reference

MySQL Fabric is a system for managing a farm of MySQL servers. MySQL Fabric provides an extensible and easy to use system for managing a MySQL deployment for sharding and high-availability.

This document describes MySQL Fabric, beginning with a short introduction, providing instructions on how to download and install MySQL Fabric, and a quick-start guide to help you begin using and experimenting with MySQL Fabric. Later sections provide details for MySQL Fabric-aware connectors.