3.4.1 How Can I Use Replication? Objectives Example Execution Discussion Permissions Required Tips and Tricks

MySQL has built-in support for several types of replication. Replication is usually employed with the purpose of increasing the performance and/or the fault-tolerance of a service. However, setting up replication can be a somewhat complicated and error prone process. But fear not, MySQL Utilities has tools that can help simplify and even automate several replication related tasks.

Lets see a possible scenario where replication is used to obtain scalability, i.e. to increase the performance of a service. Lets imagine an online shopping service. The shop started out small so a single server was enough to handle all the requests, however now it has become quite popular and as a result that single server is no longer able to handle all the requests. Being an online store, most of the operations are read operations (checking existing products, reviews, stock availability, etc).