MySQL Utilities

2.2.3 Specifying User and Password for Replication Options

There are two commonly used replication options for those utilities that work with MySQL replication. These include the --rpl-user= and --discover-slaves-login= options.

In either case, these options permit users to specify a user account name and (optionally) a password in the form of user[:passwd]. Notice the use of the colon (:) to separate the values. Should a user name or password contain a colon, the utility attempts to use the first colon encountered (left-to-right) as the separator. Thus, you should not use colons in your user names, but you may use colons in the password.

However, it should be noted that some special characters may cause some platforms to mangle the command. Thus, you should use single quotes when specifying passwords with special characters as shown in the example below.

shell> mysqlreplicate [...] --rpl-user=rpl:'L5!w1SJzVuj40(p?tF@' [...]