MySQL Utilities

7.1 mut — MySQL Utilities Testing

This utility executes predefined tests to test the MySQL Utilities. The tests are located under the /mysql-test directory with the default tests located in the /t folder. The utility supports dividing tests into suites, which are stored as folders with their own /t folder for the test files. Those tests located in the base /t folder are considered the 'main' test suite.

You can select any number of tests to run, select one or more suites to restrict the tests, exclude suites and tests, and specify the location of the utilities and tests. The utility attempts to locate the tests based on name in any of the suites in the /suites folder with the exception of a special test suite named 'performance' where performance-related tests are placed. This suite is not included by default and must be specified with the --suite option to execute the performance tests.

The utility requires the existence of at least one server to clone for testing purposes. You must specify at least one server, but you may specify multiple servers for tests designed to use additional servers.


mut accepts the following command-line options:


The connection specifier must name a valid account for the server.

Any test named ??? is skipped. This enables the developer to create a base class to import for a collection of tests based on a common code base.


The following example demonstrates how to invoke mut to execute a subset of the tests using an existing server which is cloned. The example displays the test name, status, and relative time:

shell> mut --server=root@localhost --do-tests=clone_user --width=70

MySQL Utilities Testing - MUT

Parameters used:
  Display Width       = 70
  Sorted              = True
  Force               = False
  Test directory      = './t'
  Utilities directory = '../scripts'
  Starting port       = 3310
  Test wildcard       = 'clone_user%'

  Connecting to localhost as user root on port 3306: CONNECTED

TEST NAME                                                STATUS   TIME
main.clone_user                                          [pass]     54
main.clone_user_errors                                   [pass]     27
main.clone_user_parameters                               [pass]     17
Testing completed: Friday 03 December 2010 09:50:06

All 3 tests passed.


There are no special permissions required to run mut however, you must have the necessary privileges to execute the desired utilities in the tests.