3.3.5 The ndb_mgm_event_severity Type

Description.  These are the log event severities used to filter the cluster log by ndb_mgm_set_clusterlog_severity_filter(), and to filter listening to events by ndb_mgm_listen_event().

Enumeration values.  Possible values are shown, along with descriptions, in the following table:

NDB_MGM_ILLEGAL_EVENT_SEVERITYInvalid event severity specified
NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_ONCluster logging is enabled
NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_DEBUGUsed for NDB Cluster development only
NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_INFOInformational messages
NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_WARNINGConditions that are not errors as such, but that might require special handling
NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_ERRORNonfatal error conditions that should be corrected
NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_CRITICALCritical conditions such as device errors or out of memory errors
NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_ALERTConditions that require immediate attention, such as corruption of the cluster

See Section, “ndb_mgm_set_clusterlog_severity_filter()”, and Section, “ndb_mgm_listen_event()”, for information on how this type is used by those functions.