Description.  This function, added in MySQL 5.1.16, is used to obtain log category and level information. It replaces the older ndb_mgm_get_loglevel_clusterlog() function, which performed the same purpose, but was not thread-safe. (See later in this section for a brief description of the deprecated version of the function.)


int ndb_mgm_get_clusterlog_loglevel
      NdbMgmHandle handle,
      struct ndb_mgm_loglevel* loglevel,
      unsigned int size

Parameters.  ndb_mgm_get_clusterlog_loglevel() takes the following parameters:

Return value.  This function returns the number of returned loglevels or -1 in the event of an error.


Prior to MySQL 5.1.14, this function was known as ndb_mgm_get_loglevel_clusterlog(), and had the following signature:

const unsigned int* ndb_mgm_get_loglevel_clusterlog
      NdbMgmHandle handle

This version of the function is now deprecated, but is still available for backward compatibility; however, in new applications, it is recommended that you use ndb_mgm_get_clusterlog_loglevel(), since it is thread-safe, and the older function is not.