2.4.4 NDB Error Classifications

The following table lists the classification codes used for NDB API errors, and their descriptions. These can also be found in the file /storage/ndb/src/ndbapi/ndberror.c.

Classification CodeError StatusDescription
NESuccessNo error
AEPermanent errorApplication error
CEPermanent errorConfiguration or application error
NDPermanent errorNo data found
CVPermanent errorConstraint violation
SEPermanent errorSchema error
OEPermanent errorSchema object already exists
UDPermanent errorUser defined error
ISPermanent errorInsufficient space
TRTemporary errorTemporary Resource error
NRTemporary errorNode Recovery error
OLTemporary errorOverload error
TOTemporary errorTimeout expired
NSTemporary errorNode shutdown
ITTemporary errorInternal temporary
URUnknown resultUnknown result error
UEUnknown resultUnknown error code
IEPermanent errorInternal error
NIPermanent errorFunction not implemented
DMECDefault MySQL error codeUsed for NDB errors that are not otherwise mapped to MySQL error codes

In NDB 7.6.4 and later, you can also obtain the descriptions for the classification codes from the error_classification column of the ndbinfo.error_messages table.