2.3.12 The IndexBound Structure

Parent class.  NdbIndexScanOperation

Description.  IndexBound is a structure used to describe index scan bounds for NdbRecord scans.

Members.  These are shown in the following table:

low_keyconst char*Row containing lower bound for scan (or NULL for scan from the start).
low_key_countUint32Number of columns in lower bound (for bounding by partial prefix).
low_inclusiveboolTrue for <= relation, false for <.
high_keyconst char*Row containing upper bound for scan (or NULL for scan to the end).
high_key_countUint32Number of columns in upper bound (for bounding by partial prefix).
high_inclusiveboolTrue for >= relation, false for >.
range_noUint32Value to identify this bound; may be read using the get_range_no() method (see Section, “NdbIndexScanOperation::get_range_no()”). This value must be less than 8192 (set to zero if it is not being used). For ordered scans, range_no must be strictly increasing for each range, or else the result set will not be sorted correctly.

For more information, see Section 2.3.27, “The NdbRecord Interface”.