MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide Ndb Class Constructor

Description.  This creates an instance of Ndb, which represents a connection to the NDB Cluster. All NDB API applications should begin with the creation of at least one Ndb object. This requires the creation of at least one instance of Ndb_cluster_connection, which serves as a container for a cluster connection string.


      Ndb_cluster_connection* ndb_cluster_connection,
      const char*                    catalogName = "",
      const char*                    schemaName = "def"

Parameters.  The Ndb class constructor can take up to 3 parameters, of which only the first is required:

Return value.  An Ndb object.

~Ndb() (Class Destructor).  The destructor for the Ndb class should be called in order to terminate an instance of Ndb. It requires no arguments, nor any special handling.