MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide Ndb::getGCIEventOperations()

Description.  Iterates over distinct event operations which are part of the current GCI, becoming valid after calling nextEvent(). You can use this method to obtain summary information for the epoch (such as a list of all tables) before processing the event data.

This method is deprecated in NDB 7.4.3, and is subject to removal in a future release. In NDB 7.4.3 and later, you should use getNextEventOpInEpoch2() instead.


const NdbEventOperation* getGCIEventOperations
      Uint32* iter,
      Uint32* event_types

Parameters.  An iterator and a mask of event types. Set *iter=0 to start.

Return value.  The next event operation; returns NULL when there are no more event operations. If event_types is not NULL, then after calling the method it contains a bitmask of the event types received. .