MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide Ndb::isConsistentGCI()

Description.  If a node failure occurs when resources are exhausted, events may be lost and the delivered event data might thus be incomplete. This method makes it possible to determine if this is the case by checking whether all events in a given GCI are consistent.

This method is deprecated in NDB 7.4.3, and is subject to removal in a future release. In NDB 7.4.3 and later, you should instead use NdbEventOperation::getEventType2() to determine the type of event—in this instance, whether the event is of type TE_INCONSISTENT. See Section, “Event::TableEvent”.


bool isConsistentGCI
      Uint64 gci

Parameters.  A global checkpoint index.

Return value.  true if this GCI is consistent; false indicates that the GCI may be possibly inconsistent.