MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide Ndb::pollEvents()

Description.  This method waits for a GCP to complete. It is used to determine whether any events are available in the subscription queue.

This method waits for the next epoch, rather than the next GCP. See Section 2.3.21, “The NdbEventOperation Class”, for more information.

In NDB 7.4.3 and later, you can (and should) use pollEvents2() instead of this method.

Prior to NDB 7.4.7, pollEvents() was not compatible with the exceptional TableEvent types added in NDB 7.4.3 (Bug #20646496); in NDB 7.4.7 and later, pollEvents() is compatible with these event types, as described later in this section.


int pollEvents
      int     maxTimeToWait,
      Uint64* latestGCI = 0

Parameters.  This method takes the two parameters listed here:

Return value.  pollEvents() returns a value of type int, which may be interpreted as follows:

In NDB 7.4.7 and later, when pollEvents() finds an exceptional event at the head of the event queue, the method returns 1 and otherwise behaves as follows: