MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide NdbTransaction::setSchemaObjectOwnerChecks()

Description.  Enables or disables a schema object ownership check when multiple Ndb_cluster_connection objects are in use. When this check is enabled, objects used by this transaction are checked to make sure that they belong to the NdbDictionary owned by this connection. This is done by acquiring the schema objects of the same names from the connection and comparing these with the schema objects passed to the transaction. If they do not match, an error is returned.

This method is available for debugging purposes beginning with NDB 7.3.9 and NDB 7.4.4. (Bug #19875977) You should be aware that enabling this check carries a performance penalty and for this reason you should avoid doing so in a production setting.


void setSchemaObjOwnerChecks
      bool runChecks

Parameters.  A single parameter runChecks. Use true to enable ownership checks, false to disable them.

Return value.  None.