Chapter 5 MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript

Table of Contents

5.1 MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript Overview
5.2 Installing the JavaScript Connector
5.3 Connector for JavaScript API Documentation
5.3.1 Batch
5.3.2 Context
5.3.3 Converter
5.3.4 Errors
5.3.5 Mynode
5.3.6 Session
5.3.7 SessionFactory
5.3.8 TableMapping and FieldMapping
5.3.9 TableMetadata
5.3.10 Transaction
5.4 Using the MySQL JavaScript Connector: Examples
5.4.1 Requirements for the Examples
5.4.2 Example: Finding Rows
5.4.3 Inserting Rows
5.4.4 Deleting Rows

This section provides information about the MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript, a set of Node.js adapters for NDB Cluster and MySQL Server available beginning with NDB 7.3.1, which make it possible to write JavaScript applications for Node.js using MySQL data.