MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide

2.3.34 The RecordSpecification Structure

Parent class.  NdbDictionary

Description.  This structure is used to specify columns and range offsets when creating NdbRecord objects.

Members.  The elements making up this structure are shown in the following table:

Table 2.83 NdbDictionary::RecordSpecification attributes, with types and descriptions

Name Type Description
column Column The column described by this entry (the column's maximum size defines the field size for the row). Even when creating an NdbRecord for an index, this must point to a column obtained from the underlying table, and not from the index itself.
offset Uint32 The offset of data from the beginning of a row. For reading blobs, the blob handle (NdbBlob), rather than the actual blob data, is written into the row. This means that there must be at least sizeof(NdbBlob*) must be available in the row.
nullbit_byte_offset Uint32 The offset from the beginning of the row of the byte containing the NULL bit.
nullbit_bit_in_byte Uint32 NULL bit (0-7).


nullbit_byte_offset and nullbit_bit_in_byte are not used for non-NULLable columns.

For more information, see Section 2.3.27, “The NdbRecord Interface”.