2.3.34 The RecordSpecification Structure

Parent class.  NdbDictionary

Description.  This structure is used to specify columns and range offsets when creating NdbRecord objects.

Members.  The makeup of this structure is shown here:

Figure 2.28 NdbDictionary::RecordSpecification

NdbDictionary::RecordSpecification struct

The individual members are described in more detail in the following table:

columnColumnThe column described by this entry (the column's maximum size defines the field size for the row). Even when creating an NdbRecord for an index, this must point to a column obtained from the underlying table, and not from the index itself.
offsetUint32The offset of data from the beginning of a row. For reading blobs, the blob handle (NdbBlob), rather than the actual blob data, is written into the row. This means that there must be at least sizeof(NdbBlob*) must be available in the row.
nullbit_byte_offsetUint32The offset from the beginning of the row of the byte containing the NULL bit.
nullbit_bit_in_byteUint32NULL bit (0-7).

nullbit_byte_offset and nullbit_bit_in_byte are not used for non-NULLable columns.

For more information, see Section 2.3.27, “The NdbRecord Interface”.