2.3.36 The SetValueSpec Structure

Parent class.  NdbOperation

Description.  This structure is used to specify an extra value to set as part of an NdbRecord operation.

Members.  The makeup of this structure is shown here:

Figure 2.30 NdbOperation::SetValueSpec

NdbOperation::SetValueSpec structure

The individual members are described in more detail in the following table:

columnColumnTo specify an extra value to read, the caller must provide this, as well as (optionally NULL) appStorage pointer.
valuevoid*This must point to the value to be set, or to NULL if the attribute is to be set to NULL. The value pointed to is copied when the operation is defined, and need not remain in place until execution time.

Currently, blob values cannot be set using SetValueSpec.

For more information, see Section 2.3.27, “The NdbRecord Interface”.