Appendix C Extending Workbench

Table of Contents

C.1 GRT and Workbench Data Organization
C.2 Modules
C.3 Plugins and Tools
C.4 Adding a GUI to a Plugin Using MForms
C.5 The Workbench Scripting Shell
C.5.1 Exploring the Workbench Scripting Shell
C.5.2 The Shell Window
C.5.3 The Files, Globals, Classes, Modules, and Notifications Tabs
C.6 Tutorial: Writing Plugins
C.6.1 Tutorial: Generate PHP Code to Create a Connection with PDO_MySQL
C.6.2 Tutorial: Generating Foreign Keys with MyISAM

MySQL Workbench provides an extension and scripting system that enables the developer to extend MySQL Workbench capabilities. While the core of MySQL Workbench is developed using C++, it is possible to harness this core functionality using the Python scripting language. MySQL Workbench also provides access to a cross-platform GUI library, MForms, which enables the creation of extensions that feature a graphical user interface.

The extension system enables the following capabilities: