Chapter 4 The Home Screen

This is the first screen you see when opening MySQL Workbench and it is central to starting MySQL Workbench operations. Initially, the screen displays a welcome message and links to Browse Documentation, Read the Blog, and Discuss on the Forums. The home screen provides quick access to MySQL Connections, MySQL Models, and the MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard.


In MySQL Workbench 6.3.8 and earlier, the home screen combined three sections titled MySQL Connections, Models, and external Shortcuts.

Most MySQL Workbench functionality, such as the SQL editor and MySQL server manager, begin with opening a MySQL connection from the home screen. A side panel enables you to toggle between MySQL Connections and Models in the home tab, or to open the MySQL Workbench Migration Wizard in a new tab.

Figure 4.1 The Home Screen

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MySQL Connections

This section lists connections to all of your MySQL servers, and allows you to load, configure, group, and view information about each MySQL connection. For more information, see Chapter 5, Connections in MySQL Workbench and Section 5.2, “Creating A New MySQL Connection (Tutorial)”.

Connection Information

The method to view connection information depends on the operating system.

  • On Microsoft Windows and Linux: hover over the right side of a connection title and click the title.

  • On OS X: hover over a connection title and click the little (i) in appears in the bottom right corner.

The information will be displayed under the connection tiles, and will appear similar to:

Figure 4.2 Viewing Connection Information

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Connection Groups

You may also create groups of connections. Create a group by either right-clicking a connection and choosing the Move to group context menu option, or you may prefix your connection name with the group name separated by a forward slash (for example, "QA/TestBox") when you create or configure the connection.


The Models panel your most recently used models. Each entry lists the date and time that the model was last opened, and its associated database. For further information about modeling, see Chapter 9, Database Design / Modeling.

Figure 4.3 Selecting Models from the Side Panel

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To the right of the Models title are three icons. The (+) adds a new model, the (folder) opens an existing model from the disk, and the (>) opens a context menu for additional commands, such as Create EER Model from Database.

Workbench Welcome Message

The welcome text and links are optional and can be removed or restored to the home screen when MySQL Connections is selected from the side panel. Links to the documentation, blog, and forums are also accessible from the Help menu.

  • To remove the text and links, click the x icon above the welcome message.

  • To restore the text and links:

    1. Click Edit, Preferences, and then select Other.

    2. Select the Show Welcome Message on Connections Screen check box and then restart MySQL Workbench.