6.7.3 Backup Recovery

The Backup Recovery wizard is used to recover MySQL Enterprise Backup backups. For more information about creating MySQL Enterprise Backup backups using MySQL Workbench, see Section 6.7.2, “Online Backup”

The Backup Recovery wizard allows you to restore backups from folders, image files, and backup profiles created by Section 6.7.2, “Online Backup”. Click Restore from the Navigator, then choose the appropriate option:

Figure 6.38 Workbench: Backup Recovery: Start

Workbench: Backup Recovery: Start

In our example, we will restore a full backup profile that was created by MySQL Workbench Online Backup. After choosing the "FullBackup" profile that we created earlier, use the next page to review its upcoming restoration:

Figure 6.39 Workbench: Backup Recovery: Profile

Workbench: Backup Recovery: Profile

Optionally, click View Backup Content to view the backup contents for the restoration:

Figure 6.40 Workbench: Backup Recovery: Contents Table View

Workbench: Backup Recovery: Contents Table View


The Show System checkbox toggles internal schemas from view, schemas such as the internal performance_schema and mysql tables.

Clicking Next > will open the Restore wizard. We then clicked Restore > to execute the restoration process, and toggled the message logs in our example below:

Figure 6.41 Workbench: Backup Recovery: Restore

Workbench: Backup Recovery: Restore